Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Trails, Louie

photo: LaCoppola+Meier

There once was a Chihuahua name Louis L’Amour.

He did not merely possess that jene sais quoi eminence of the breed, he defined it.

We met, years ago, when he lived on a park like street in Seattle and managed the infamous store called the Pinto Pony. He was the constant companion, body guard, and carry-on of our near and dear duo, Ruby and Calyn. For the past 8 years he has run that corral of a resort in Palm Springs, California, The Coral Sands.

Louis ruled all that he surveyed. He alpha’ed Sophie, of course, though he only came up to her wrist, but even Aniol, tough NYC grrl, gave him his due. This power did not corrupt him, he wore it like a ten gallon Stetson. He was a chivalrous defender of those he loved, but he magnanimously accepted adoration from all.

On Sunday morning, we were informed by a weeping angel that Louie had left us. He was gone in a flash, as if not to trouble us with long goodbyes. I wouldn’t have minded, Louie, not for a second.

With tears in our eyes and an ache in our hearts, we wish this legend Happy Trails . . . until we meet again.

- - - David

Ruby's tribute, "Adieu My Captain, Farewell My Love",

say's it all. Link to it here.

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ginny said...

so sorry for ruby...that is a long long time to have a dear friend in your life and then lose them...please give her my best...i was thinking that ani and rubys dog will be playing in the fields.